Investigative Journalism: Crime in Dickinson, ND

The linguistic concept of "the Dickinson Mafia" is not my own, as this terminology is used at times on the ground level of Dickinson, North Dakota. Generally speaking, for discussions of economics and politics, it refers to the commercial and political establishment of Dickinson. The connotation is negative of course, yet it does not necessarily imply that Dickinson, North Dakota is run by an organized crime syndicate. It is, however, a term that is recognizable across the local landscape. "THE DICKINSON MAFIA" is my pseudonym, which I am presently using to maintain anonymity for the sake of personal safety and professional prudence. Investigative journalism involves news and opinion. Both have a range of risks, especially with respect to criminal activity. 


My primary outlet for communication is online radio, yet I will provide written content as needed (see below). Your submission of tips is helpful in guiding and expanding my journalistic inquiries on crime in Dickinson, North Dakota. As THE DICKINSON MAFIA, I proactively utilize social networking across the Internet. Relevant links to websites are featured by me as related to law enforcement, crime prevention, and personal safety for Dickinson, North Dakota and beyond. The use of video is currently under consideration for the delivery of news and opinion.

Dickinson, ND

Certain items are still in process toward regular content/programming. In the interim, when I am broadcasting, please enjoy various sounds from within the public domain.